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Great job!  You have come to the right place to take time and put the focus on YOU for one hour per week!  We see women and children 11 years old or older.  While together we examine your personal goals and values and devise a plan along with learning the skills needed to achieve your ideal life.  


Days can seem long, lonely, and dark when you are feeling depressed.  Let us help you find the light and support you need to be able to look forward to each moment.  We can assist you or your child to find what makes you or them happy again.


Are you worrying about everything? Does it result in panic attacks?  Do you worry about how your anxiety will affect your kids? Do you find yourself worrying about your child's behaviors, anxiety, or depression?  We can find ways to manage your emotions to be the strong support for your children that you dreamt of being.  At Rising Sun your child will also learn how to manage their emotions and behaviors that are in line with their dreams and aspirations. 


Examples of life transitions include being a college student, buying a new home, having a baby, recently married or divorced.  Do you feel like you have made a major change and are thinking to yourself "now what?" Do you feel stuck or unsure of what to do next? Are you thinking "Is this it?" "Is this really what I want?"  Let me help you find those answers and a secure path of peace and success.   


Are you struggling with a relationship right now?  Do you find it hard to say No and set healthy boundaries?  This can cause feelings of burnout and dissatisfaction within your significant relationships. Do you feel suffocated by your parents or are you disconnected from your siblings? These relationships can contribute to anxiety.  Ready to make a change?  We are creators of change just by being.  Let's find different ways of relating to others.


Is parenting harder than you thought?  Are you struggling with finding the work and family balance? Do you feel alone in your journey of being a mother?  At Rising Sun we can find peaceful ways of thinking and feeling that offer you calmer mornings or quieter evenings and more joy within your relationships including those with your children.  Let us show you that you are not alone.

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