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Image by Antonino Visalli


Is your teenager struggling with anxiety or depression?

Changing bodies, peer pressure, sports, academics, family situations, and expectations for the future have always made these years a turbulent time, and now young people also face the problems created by social media.


Many experience anxiety and depression; some have gone through a traumatic situation, and their lives may be much less rewarding than they should be. That’s why Rising Sun Therapy is here. Simply giving a young person someone to talk to is an important start, and from there we work to build the young person’s self-esteem and self-awareness.

Through therapy, young people learn how to recognize, label, and, express their emotions appropriately. They learn how to communicate effectively, and they learn how to find the positives in their lives.


Contact us to discuss the ways in which therapy can make that young person’s life better and know that there is hope.

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