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Rising Sun Therapy is focused on the whole person throughout the healing process.  We feel that the mind, body, and soul work better when they are aligned and provide services in one space to better achieve this goal.  

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Holly is a Registered Dietitian, licensed in Pennsylvania. She has a Bachelor's Degree and Master's Degree in Nutrition Science and Clinical Nutrition, and has a decade of experience in the field of nutrition. Holly believes in a holistic approach to wellness; she incorporates diet, lifestyle, physical activity and mindset into her practice. Holly works with clients individually to meet their short and long-term health and nutrition-focused goals. Clients also have access to meal planning sessions where they receive an individualized meal plan. In addition to individual nutrition counseling, Holly works with groups and workplaces to provide community nutrition. Holly loves to share recipes and quick tips for making healthy eating simple.. She is passionate about helping her clients find ways to make changes within their lifestyle, in order to meet their health and wellness goals.


Karen is a local wellness provider and yoga teacher who is driven to make her practices accessible for any-body.  She offers her yoga expertise within a fun, relaxing, and restorative class.  She has been teaching middle school for many years and is able to bring her passion of teaching to the mat into every class.  

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Jen has delved into both the medical and holistic healing arts over the past decade. Being a former nurse, Jen’s sound immersion offerings are uniquely catered to the energy of the room or individual as learned from the bedside.  Every encounter is intended for the recipient to feel safe, warm and comfortable so they are able to release and deepen into their journey.


Diane brings with her a vast amount of wisdom accrued over 18 years of teaching yoga, training teachers, and working one on one with clients. Her practice reflects that the two most essential tools for healing are treating the person as whole and building a therapeutic relationship with her students and clients. Diane sees clients both in-person and virtually for individual yoga therapy sessions, as well as leads classes in chair yoga, yoga for cancer, gentle and therapeutic classes and workshops for chronic pain. She is also a mentee to future yoga therapists and leads teacher training for Pain Care Aware.

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